CHAKRA KARKIOperations, promotion and media
Chakra has been an accomplished tourism journalist for The Kathmandu Post in Nepal, with interviews of Sir Edmund Hillary and Apa Sherpa among his many credits. He organized and led the Extreme Everest Expedition in 2010, a high-altitude cleanup of Everest that successfully brought down 2,000 kilograms of garbage from above 8,000 meters. Chakra coordinates daily operations in Nepal and works on fundraising, promotion and (social) media connections.
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HANS HAVERSRecycling solutions and long term strategy
Hans is a veteran innovator, having implemented sustainable solutions and trained large corporations for decades. His base is in the Netherlands, but Hans has worked all over the world, also with smaller organizations in rural areas. Due to his international network, Hans has access to knowledge about the best waste management solutions available in the world. Hans is the senior strategist of the project, working on recycling solutions and plans to work together with large corporates and NGO’s, to create as much impact as possible.
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ERIK RAVENSTIJNOperations, promotion and team coordination
Erik is a social entrepreneur, mountain climber and Everest summiteer. Erik has organized climbing expeditions in South America, Africa, the Alps as well as throughout the Himalayas. As a social entrepreneur he assists companies in transforming to a more sustainable framework and he is focussed on creating a recycling movement in Nepal and other countries. For the project Erik works together with Hans on recycling solutions, is engaged in fundraising, helps promotion and does administrative work.
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