The earthquake events that devastated Nepal in the spring of 2015, still have a giant impact on life in Nepal nowadays. Although the infrastructure for tourists and touristic destinations is recovered for an important part, much other infrastructure, houses and buildings are still not rebuild. The tourist industry has received an enormous blow, effecting the economic situation of most of the people in Nepal. With the opportunities the Everest Recycling Challenge creates for people, these people can improve their economic situation.

We aim to make the country more resilient to earthquakes. For this we provide knowledge to the families who have jobs in our recycling project, about how they can rebuild their houses, infrastructure and other buildings in an earthquake-proof way.

Families can invest a part of their earned money, which we pay them for their jobs in the Everest Recycling Challenge, in earthquake-proof measures for themselves. We also invest a part of our profit in setting up local sustainable businesses together with these families, this way the families have more financial means for rebuilding, when necessary.