Our Mission

The mission of the Everest Recycling Challenge is to grow a movement for recycling garbage, in the Himalayas and Nepal. With starting a recycling economy, sustainable jobs and entrepreneurship will empower Nepalese families. New valuable products made from the collected waste, will be sold in Nepal and in other countries throughout the world. Besides  empowering Nepalese families, this recycling movement will help to protect the fragile Himalayan environment for future generations. Garbage is a major threat right now for the Himalayan environment and action is very much needed. Let’s get the Himalayas clean and help Nepalese families to become self sufficient!

We focus on tin cans, plastic bottles and organic waste first. After 2017 we will expand our activities in the Everest region and we will make plans to set up waste management solutions in other parts of the Himalayas as well, including Kathmandu valley. We are already collecting garbage from lodges in the Mount Everest region and are also planning to get garbage lying on the mountains. The Everest Recycling Challenge is an ongoing project, with the goal to make the recycling movement as large as possible.

Our experience

Our team has worked on sustainable projects throughout the world. In 2010 our team member Chakra Karki co-organized a large cleanup on Everest.