We create jobs and stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship in Nepal, by starting a circular economy in the Himalayas. Garbage from the Himalayas is used for new products, which are sold around the world. This  empowers low income families and protects the fragile Himalayan environment for future generations.


Our products

We have started a crowdfunding campaign to help setting up our recycling program in the Everest region. This campaign will contribute to start making products from used tin cans. Have a look at our crowdfunding packages, which contain these products from used tin cans and see what products you like!



Jamling Tenzing Norgay summited Mount Everest in 1996, retracing his father’s historic footsteps. In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first men to reach the sacred summit of Mount Everest. 

Apa Sherpa is one of only two men in history to reach the top of the world 21 times. As the world record holder of the most summits of Everest, Apa is widely recognized to be one of the greatest living mountaineers.


Upcoming events

Join the Cycling For Recyling bike ride along 5 World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu valley, on November 5! During this ride we will collect garbage from the World Heritage sites. After the bike ride, artists will make art works from the collected garbage, which are then exhibited and sold. The profit will be invested in recycling solutions in the Everest region, which will create jobs for low income families in Nepal.



Successful start

The Everest Recycling Challenge had a successful start last month. We installed dustbins in lodges in the Mount Everest region, collecting tin cans and plastics for recycling.


Latest News

Meet the Khumbu

Take the virtual tour with Youtube and Google and meet the Khumbu, the Himalyan region that is famous for the Mount Everest. All the garbage we collect is from the Khumbu region.